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Why We Are Entrepreneurs


Last week, someone asked me if entrepreneurs were mainly motivated by money. That was not the first time and I noticed that many people think entrepreneurs look only for an overnight success that would take them to the billionaire circle. Of course, they are wrong. The eventuality of becoming rich is very nice but when you face hard times, disapointment or fear, this is not enough to keep you on track.

Why a truly personal cloud, 10 very practical benefits.

Seed of growth

So why a Personal cloud? As we discussed two weeks ago, it’s about privacy, freedom and innovation. Sure, values are important, but what about the value, after all it’s the value that drive adoption. Here’s 10 very practical benefits of breaking the walls.

Why a truly personal cloud, a philosophical perspective.

Open for inovation

On march 2012, a special report from Gartner said “the personal cloud will replace the personal computer as the center of users’ digital lives by 2014”. Big surprise?

Not really! We use more and more services, slowly we are moving all our computing on-line. And this is great! Yet there is something fundamentally broken with current cloud model.

The PRISM scandal is yet another call to demand change, transparency and accountability - Cozy as viable alternative

Liberty leading the people Delacroix

Wow! I would like to start this post by congratulating Edward Snowden for what he did. It takes some guts and serious convictions to put everything on the line and go against the NSA by revealing such sensitive and classified information. I sincerely hope the people will support him like he deserves and the U.S. Government will not try too hard to make an example of him like it increasingly does to whistleblowers.

Developing an IRC bot manager app in Cozy, interview with Joseph Silvestre

IRC chan Cozy

We are getting more and more visitors on IRC (#cozycloud on freenode.net), so we thought it might be the right time to add a bot.

First we want to easily manage the IRC channel (topic, moderation…), second it would be cool to orientate visitors looking for support to the right interlocutor, and lastly a bot is cool in itself, bot stands for robot after all :).

Joseph who loves robots took on the job. Because we have this wonderful tool that is Cozycloud, why not developing a bot manager app in Cozy? I believe it illustrates well how easy and versatile is Cozy to quickly bring ideas to life.

Let's conquer back our privacy to boost innovation and freedom!

epic innovation

Respect of privacy and transparency over the use of personal data is not too popular topic among Silicon Valley firms, the current biggest holders of personal data. The recent controversy and lobbying actions led against the California state bill “the Right to Know Act” perfectly illustrates this. But it also illustrates the growing desire from governments to bring more transparency around personal data.

Privacy vs Neutrality: Did you know?

filtered out

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Privacy vs Employment: Did you know?

recruiters watching you

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Privacy vs Advertising: Did you know?

Gmail Man

This articel is the first in a series on privacy:

Through the three following facts, we will make you question your assumptions on privacy and the role it plays nowadays with the Internet.

Server side is where the power lies

Server Room

Cloud Computing is a major break-through, that comes with … major concerns. On the one hand ease-of-use, security, ubiquity and resonance with mobile devices. On the other, data are spread across impermeable silos controlled by quasi-monopolies that make a profit out of exploiting our personal data.