"Our dream is to provide an incredible web experience while giving you the freedom to control your data."
The Cozy Team

La version 2.0 "Oliver" de Cozy Cloud est enfin disponible !


Pour conquérir le monde, un logiciel se doit d’être un plaisir à utiliser et facile à installer. C’est en ce sens que nous avons travaillé en vue de livrer Cozy 2.0, avec une page d’accueil plus ergonomique et en prime une installation simplifiée pour les serveurs Debian et Ubuntu.

Cozy Cloud 2.0 "Oliver" Release is Out

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In order to conquer the world, a software product has to be delightful to use. This is why we have been working hard on Cozy version 2.0, featuring a newer, cleaner, brand new home page. It comes with a simplified installation procedure for Debian and Ubuntu distros.

Matthias Dugué Joins the Cozy Crew

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Recently, we reached a point where we were satisfied with the technical progress of Cozy. The underlying plumbery of the platform was working pretty well and we were able to handle the hosting of a great number of Cozy instances. At that time, the next big challenge we were going to face was the user experience. Until there, we were relying on the idea of making things simple and straightfoward. It was good enough for early adopters. But truth is that there were rooms for a lot of improvements.

Game Changer Tristan Nitot, Founder of Mozilla Europe, Joins the Cozy Crew

They say that building a startup is like riding a roller coaster: sometimes you face really hard times and fall on your face. Sometimes, you achieve a big milestone and feels sky high. Today, we are sky high as we have great news: Tristan Nitot, of Mozilla fame, is joining Cozy as Chief Product Officer!

Paul Joins the Cozy Crew

When you build software, most of the time you want to deliver quickly. But some subjects require patience. Among them, there is the secure data sharing. At Cozy, we think that the future of personal cloud will rely a lot on social features. Because we are concerned about the security and because we consider that it must become a main focus in our software, we decided to reach researchers in that field. In this context, Benjamin met the SMIS laboratory (SMIS stands for Secure and Mobile Information Systems).

Clochix joins the Cozy Crew

Six months ago, we were looking for new front-end developers. Crafting a job offer was something easy. We do mainly front-end development, it was like hiring ourselves. Cozy user interfaces involve complex coding, that’s why we needed to hire someone with a great expertise in this field. In this context, Clochix contacted us.

Backup And Share Your Mobile Pictures With Cozy

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Have you ever think to backup your device pictures and browse them online? Have you ever wanted to build and share a photo album from your mobile shots in a minute? And all of that without compromising your privacy (see iCloud scandal)? If you have, there is a good news for you, Cozy Mobile is now available for all android devices. It allows you to backup your photos online and to build shareable albums from them. And what makes it awesome is that it comes with many more features!

So, how to enjoy it? Just follow this tutorial!

Nicolas Ledez joins the Cozy Crew

One year ago, at LSM, I attended to a Git workshop animated by Nicolas Ledez. I enjoyed learning new commands and discussing about Git workflows. After the workshop, I kept on talking with Nicolas. Digging into the discussion, I discovered that he was passionate with hosting.

Kload, Yunohost Core Developer, joins the Cozy Crew

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Since our fund raising round, we spent most of our times on finding people to join us in the Cozy journey. It’s a tough task: we want to work with talented people who shares our values.

Fortunately, when we started Cozy, we met Kload one of the founder and core developer of Yunohost, a platform that makes self-hosting a lot easier. It’s an awesome and popular software that helps users to manage their own server easily. Needless to say, we had a lot of things to discuss

When Unhosted Meets Cozy, It Leads to Offline First Capabilities for Your Personal Cloud

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Two weeks ago in Paris, stood the first Mozilla Barcamp about web decentralization. We had a pleasant time, people came with new ideas, good prototypes were built and collaboration tools were set up (a wiki, a mailing-list, etc.). Like in any good events, there were some “off” the stage projects. Among them, the one built by Michiel De Jong from Unhosted and Romain Foucault from Cozy.