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Let's Talk About 3 Months of Self-Quantifying

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Two years ago, I got interested in the quantified-self movement. Most of you know that self quantifying is the practice to measure many things about ourselves. Its goal is to improve health and habits by providing a better understanding of what influence us the most.

6 Tips to Increase Your Productivity with an Ordered and Coherent Calendar

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Since 2014 is already here, a closer look at your calendar is a much needed boost of your productivity. With so many tools at hand, it has become increasingly simpler for the busy person of today to keep track of their activities, appointments, tasks, meetings, conferences, checkins, and what not.

Quantify Yourself with Cozy Cloud

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In recent weeks, the Cozy Cloud blog hosted several articles about the Quantified Self (QS). You might have also read last week Wired’s piece on Cozy Cloud. If not, we invite you to read it at your convenience. The reason we take interest in such a topic as QS simply underlies our commitment to creating a better, and safer web space, based on users’ needs, and respecting their privacy and mobility needs at the same time. In this new article, we are going to show some of the concepts behind our understanding of QS, and what Cozy Cloud can do in order to serve you.

Power naps, power snack, power training: power everything!

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In the early 1990‘s, as the Western world started to take a closer look at Japanese corporate culture, several things were pointed out as being ’uncommon’ for the standards of the day. Coordinated gymnastics in the morning, power naps at work, and a cult for the lunchbox seemed to attract more shrugging than admiration. Today, however, we tend to have a Western cult for more physical exercise, balanced diets, and relaxation. This article on the Cozy Cloud blog is meant to show some simple ways in which you can integrate your need for healthy habits in a busy work environment, and how Quantified Self (QS) can help you reach that.

The Quantified Self as an Informed Idler


One cannot deny that technological progress meant the dissolution of issues that were tell-tale of idleness. In its classical understanding, idle time meant unproductiveness, generally with regard to employees waiting for resources to be shipped in, or to the time it took to switch from one task to another. Nowadays, our choice is seriously growing. With a disguise of entertainment, it may have the best of us. This new article from Cozy Cloud tells us what idle time threats and challenges are from a quantified self (QS) perspective.

Let's Start Hacking the Body!


The Quantified Self (QS) movement is one of the fastest growing communities today. QS is hot, trendy, and a shrewd example of how you can use data. If you wish to know more, Cozy Cloud presents you with a first article about what QS is, and why you should start your QS experience right away.