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No-pain web development: easier configuration, more features

No-pain web development is a I talk I gave @ Solution Linux 2013. It explains how to quickly start coding a single-page application without taking days to configure your backend and frontend development environments.

Prior to self-hosting my personal web services, I setup my server as follows

Tech guy phot

This blog post describes the preliminary steps I take before installing services on web-servers I administrate. It covers backup, monitoring(software and hardware) and security.


First, I start by setting up a backup script. Because I do self-hosting, I have another machine on my local network I use as a network storage. Additionally I replicate my backups on a laptop outside my local network. The following are the folders I backup:

How to migrate a REST API written with RailwayJS to CompoundJS

RailwayJS is a framework based on ExpressJS. Using Railway makes developing a Node.js application much easier than it is with Express. Unfortunately, Anatolly,the author, was forced to rename the project and it is now called CompoundJS.

Anatolly launched the new name almost like a new project: he made a major release that included deep modifications.

How to: display a real-time log in the browser with Socket.io

Log in the browser screenshot

Today, we share this little tutorial on how to display a log file in your browser using Socket.io and Node.js. After reading this, you will be able to:

  • stream something from your server to your browser
  • know how to setup a websocket in a second with node.js

How to quickly start a personal web application with Node.js and Cozy Cloud

Getting a Node.js development environment ready to write applications can be a real headache. Chosing a fully featured framework is not an easy task, structuring an app with lighter framework such as Express is none trivial and building single-page application requires configuration. A real-time framework can help you but sometimes it makes a little bit too much of “magic” and pushes you to make unusual stuff. So how could you build your new node.js web app prototype without worrying about the setup and configuration ? What if, as a bonus, this app could be deployed in your personal cloud in a single command line ?