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Slides from our Node.js talks (LyonJS)

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Our talk session at the April LyonJS meetup went great: the audience was interested in what we shared, sparking a lot of interesting discussions and athttp://prose.io/#tendees provided us valuable feedback. A big thanks to the LyonJS team who gave us this opportunity.

You will find above all the slides from our talks. The first one is written in French, but the others are in english:

Cozy Cloud : qu’est ce qu’un PaaS personnel ?

Coffeescript - retour d’expérience

Brunch : une solution simple pour le build efficace de single page app

Haibu: dev deployment is fast and easy again

How to quickly make REST APIs with CompoundJS

How to make a Personal Single Page Application with Cozy

Développer un éditeur de texte riche en Javascript : pas simple !

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